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River cruises with nicko

Whether you’re cruising along the Rhine in Germany or the Moselle in Belgium, the Danube in Austria, the Douro in Portugal, or the most beautiful rivers of France – there is so much to discover on the waterways of Europe. All our ships are specially designed for the river, making any cruise with us an easy and comfortable way to discover the most interesting places and stunning countryside across Europe. Every day there’s a new horizon to explore and the beauty of a river cruise allows you the best of both worlds, by combining relaxing moments of enjoyment and well-being on board with memorable experiences ashore.

Visit our dedicated nicko cruises website to find out more about our selection of all-inclusive European river cruise itineraries

Ocean cruises with nicko

At nicko cruises, we offer a variety of ocean voyages that allow you to experience the world from a different point of view. You can discover the world with Portuguese seafaring tradition aboard Vasco da Gama.

Discover the testimony of bygone civilisations, such as those of the ancient Romans and Greeks, or follow in the footsteps of the legendary Vikings. Untainted villages will immerse you in the culture of your travel destination. Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and famous museums beckon you to explore at your hearts content. Our experienced tour guides and the lecturers who travel with us on each cruise offer a first-hand experience of culture and history, as well as glimpses behind the scenes.

Lisbon, Marseille, Singapore, Dubai – the names of these cities alone symbolise vibrant life and cultural highlights. Discover the world-famous landmarks and the architectural variety that characterise each one of these world famous cities. Our excursions offer you a perfect overview of these big cities with their splendid boulevards and squares.

Our ocean ship sails to the Mediterranean, Western Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America, as well as embarking on an epic World Cruise. Our goal is to discover the wonders of nature with you and experience the world from a different point of view.

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