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American Queen Voyages brings together three experiences: Rivers, Lakes & Ocean, and Expedition, to unite the North American continent. On American Queen Voyages, mighty rivers, lakes, and oceans transport you to unforgettable places, accompanied by an on-board experience to match. Read more...

Embark on a thrilling experience through North America's historic five Great Lakes, New England and Canada's Maritime provinces

Choose from remarkable itineraries featuring great cities, French-Canadian villages, Victorian-era towns and remote islands filled with spectacular wildlife and fascinating local cultures. We go all-out to give you the opportunity to see and experience it all, at a pace that suits your needs and tastes.

The Great Lakes

Referred to as ‘The Eighth Sea’, The Great Lakes collectively make up the largest body of fresh water on earth and include lakes’ Michigan, Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario. The total area combines into an incredible 95,160 square miles.

Our all-inclusive experiences bring you the sophistication of the most outstanding cities and destinations in the region, such as Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Mackinac and Manitoulin Island. Optional premium experiences are also available, giving you the chance to see one of the greatest natural wonders in the world, the breath-taking Niagara Falls.

Coastal New England

One of the most historic and beautiful parts of the United States, New England has something for everyone. Absorb the heart and soul of America’s birthplace as we visit some of its most storied destinations.

In Boston, walk the Freedom Trail to discover the birthplace of the American Revolution, or find an extraordinary collection of treasures at the Museum of Fine Arts. In cosmopolitan Portland, the active waterfront of fishing wharves and warehouses combine with contemporary shops, art museums and a lively restaurant scene.

St. Lawrence Seaway

Linking the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean, the largely manmade St. Lawrence Seaway represents one of the greatest achievements in engineering history. From the stunning vistas of Nova Scotia, to the freshwater majesty of the storied St. Lawrence River, then onwards to Buffalo in the United States, on the eastern shoreline of Lake Erie, experience an unsurpassed taste of maritime adventure.

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