France’s colourful south and magical north

It's easy to get excited when you hear names such as Burgundy, Provence and the Camargue. The Rhône and Saône take you right into the picturesque landscapes of southern France, revealing ancient cities such as Lyon, Arles and Avignon, as well as natural scenery flooded with light. Wild horses and flamingos will put a smile on your face in the Camargue. In the sunny climate of this countryside, where Beaujolais and Côtes du Rhône grapes ripen, you will feel the laissez-faire of the French way of life. Whether its Edith Piaf, Claude Monet or Picasso - they have all been inspired by the magic of northern France. 

Finding Vincent

The Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh was fascinated by the special light in southern Provence. It inspired him to create numerous pictures in Arles on the banks of the Rhône and to become the founder of modern painting. As the former provincial capital of the Roman empire Arles is also home to numerous important sites of architectural interest, such as the amphitheatre.

The Camargue is situated between the two estuaries of the Rhône, which splits up north of Arles and belongs almost entirely to the city area of Arles. You won't forget your visit to the bull farm, where you'll get an introduction to the world of bull breeding.

Avignon along the Rhône has had a lasting impact on European history. For a few decades in the 14th century, it was the city of the Catholic popes. Wherever you go, you'll come across the relics of the past with palaces, castles, squares, streets, the papal palace and, of course, the famous ruins of the Pont Saint-Bénézet which still straddles half the mighty river Rhône.

Departure Dates 2022

MS Bijou Du Rhône
23, 30 March
13 April
04, 25 May
15 June
06, 27 July
17  August
07, 21 September
12, 26 October

Departure Dates 2023

MS Bijou Du Rhône
22, 29 March
12 April
03, 24 May
14 June
05, 26 July
16  August
06, 20 September
11, 25 October

Picturesque Provence & Ardeche

Lyon - Chalon - Arles - Lyon (8 days)

In this cruise you will explore the colourful countryside in the south of France and the beauty of its historical cities, including the famous Ardèche Gorge before continuing into Provence and the Camargue, where the incomparable atmosphere inspired van Gogh. From Lyon, the cruise heads north on the Saône to Chalon-sur-Saône, with an excursion option to Burgundy, and then on the Rhône towards the Mediterranean Sea. Learn why the Romans felt so at home in Mâcon and Arles, then see the great buildings of Avignon, such as the papal palace.

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