Endless variety and beauty

Each of these charming rivers is different, but what they have in common is their unwavering popularity among travellers. As the longest North Sea tributary, the Rhine presents diverse landscapes and cultures along its 880 navigable kilometers. Between Basel in Switzerland and the estuary into the North Sea, there couldn’t be much more variety: the “romantic Rhine” with the legendary Loreley Rock, steep, vine-covered slopes and picturesque wine-growing towns and then the Lower Rhine with its tributaries in Holland.

The most famous tributary of the Rhine is without doubt the Moselle. Steep vineyards and little old towns; wine villages, such as Traben-Trarbach or Cochem surround this charming river, tempting you to taste their fine wines. New this year: navigate the French part of the Moselle all the way to the enchanting city of Nancy. And there’s just as much to see along the Neckar and the Saar: international flair in the quaint alleys of Heidelberg and unique countryside such as the famous Saar loop. The Main meanders through picturesque low mountain ranges, past historical and culturally important cities such as Bamberg and Würzburg and past the glass skyscrapers of Frankfurt.

Departure Dates

2021 - nickoSPIRIT
26 October

Departure Dates

2022 - nickoSPIRIT
27 June
05 September
03, 17, 24 October

The Middle Rhine Valley

Frankfurt - Strasbourg - Cochem - Frankfurt (8 days)

Go on a journey back in time time through European history. On our innovative nickoSPIRIT, which will be put into service in June of 2020, you can explore the Main, Rhine and Moselle in modern comfort. Admire the impressive Eltz castle and amble through Heidelberg’s romantic old town streets. Amazing landscapes and fine wines await you along the Moselle. In Strasbourg, you can explore one of the power houses of Europe in one of the most beautiful old towns of the continent. An exciting contrast awaits you in Frankfurt – “Mainhattan” with its mirrored skyscrapers. Come on board and travel with us through the centuries!


£250 per person off all dates. Book by 31 October 2021.

Plus low deposit of £250 per person.

Departure Dates

2021 - MS Rhein Symphonie

23 August

Departure Dates

2022 - MS Rhein Symphonie

19 May   
16 July 
18 August

Historic Holland and Belgium

Cologne - Antwerp - Amsterdam - Cologne (8 days)

Come with us on a cruise to the Benelux States of Holland and Belgium. In addition to great artists, windmills and the finest cheese, the cosmopolitan capital of Holland, Amsterdam, awaits you. In neighbouring Belgium, the northern province of Flanders will welcome you with numerous examples of Flemish architecture. In Antwerp, the city of the international diamond trade, you can breathe in the air of the big, wide world. The Belgian capital Brussels, the power hub of in Europe, awaits you, with its famous Atomium and Manneken Pis.

Departure Dates

2021 - MS Rhein Symphonie
09 August
13 September
24 October

Departure Dates

2022 - MS Rhein Symphonie
07, 26 May 
27 July 
11, 25 August
11, 26 October

Rhine and Moselle Highlights

Cologne - Cochem - Strasbourg - Cologne (8 days)

Feel history come alive on the banks of the Rhine and Moselle as you pass by the Loreley Rock, where legend has it a mermaid seduced sailors with her songs. Follow the meandering Moselle to the steep, vine-covered slopes surrounding the village of Traben-Trarbach. The imposing Eltz castle and impressive Ehrenbreitstein Fortress are available to tour – and in Mainz you’ll be able to see the mighty Cathedral. Strasbourg is your gateway to Alsace, a land steeped in history.

Departure Dates - MS Rhein Melodie

2022 - Cologne    to Basel
2022 - Basel to Cologne
07 July
23 September
22 May
16 June
28 July
22 August

Lowlands of the Upper Rhine

Cologne - Amsterdam - Rüdesheim - Basel (8 days). Also in reverse

Castles shrouded in legend, bustling metropolises and romantic wine regions, from Basel through the Upper Rhine lowlands, to the impressive Rhenish Slate Mountains and the delta of the river in the Netherlands, this Central European river cruise shows off the full beauty of the region with some truly amazing landscapes. Visit the most interesting cities in four countries and discover impressive monuments, vineyards, castles and ruins as far as the eye can see, on a week of unforgettable experiences.

Departure Dates

2022 - MS Rhein Melodie
14, 24, 29 April

Spring in Holland

Cologne - Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Cologne (6 days)

Tulips? Holland! Come with us and see for yourself: In spring, the Keukenhof flower garden is full of blossoms of every conceivable colour and shape. Of course the itinerary includes a visit to Amsterdam with a round trip along the famous canals past the traditional town houses. The region of North Holland is principally known for its idyllic nature and as the home of the typical Durch windmills. The large expanse of continuous inland water at Markermeer and Lake Ijssel will be a great addition to your cruise experience. Rotterdam and its vast seaport and the sedate Nijmegen contribute their own part to this cruise for all the senses.

Departure Dates

2022 - MS Rhein Symphonie
15 May
02 June
05 July
01 September

Floriade Expo Holland 2022

Cologne - Amsterdam - Almere - Cologne (5 days)

Join us for a very special 5 day cruise starting and finishing in Cologne to the International Horticultural Expo in Holland visiting Amsterdam and Nijmengen en-route. From 14 April 2022, Almere will stage the Floriade Expo 2022 for six months. Once every 10 years Floriade is the park to enjoy the scent and colour of flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit. The Expo offers 40 inspiring country presentations, a spectacular greenhouse complex, a cable car over the Floriade park, pavilions with sustainable innovations and a vibrant arts and culture programme.


£100 per person off all dates. Book by 30 September 2021.
Included Excursion to Keukenhoff Gardens in Amsterdam included on 19 April 2022. Book by 30 September 2021.

Plus low deposit of £250 per person.

Departure Dates

2022 - nickoSPIRIT
27 March
10, 24 April

Highlights of Germany and Holland

Frankfurt - Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Frankfurt (8 days)

In the comfort of our brand new vessel nicko Spirit, enjoy the highlights of Germany and Holland. In Bonn, pink blossoming cherry trees attract visitors from all over the world to this former German capital city. In springtime, the big cities along the route radiate a whole other charm: the fashionable Düsseldorf between the old town and the modern Media harbour, Amsterdam with winding canals and countless bicycles, Rotterdam with one of the largest seaports in the world and an imposing market hall reminiscent of a positioned horseshoe.

Departure Dates

2021 - nickoSPIRIT
25 August
05 October

Departure Dates

2022 - nickoSPIRIT
03 June
19 September
10 October

The Heart of Holland

Frankfurt - Amsterdam - Lake Ijssel - Frankfurt (8 days)

Vast plains, water all around, warm-hearted people – immerse yourself in the culture of the Netherlands on this cruise. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of life in the metropolis of Amsterdam. Get to know Germany’s western neighbour better and explore with us the many, charming small towns between the Rhine, Waal, Ijssel and the North Sea. On our nickoSPIRIT, glide along through the vast polder landscapes, enjoying a high level of comfort. Thanks to its innovative design, our new ship is perfect for smaller ports that are not navigable by other ships. Of course, you’ll find the typical Dutch windmills on the banks, the ideal subject matter for your photo motif.

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