Cruising through central Europe

One of the greatest highlights along the course of the River Elbe is without doubt the Baroque town of Dresden. Be enchanted by its incomparable city backdrop and many lovingly restored historical buildings. Caspar David Friedrich was inspired by the bizarre rock formations of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains to create what are some of the most valuable works of the Romantic era. Meissen was established more than 1,000 years ago, when King Henry I of Germany ordered a castle to be built near the Elbe during a campaign against the Slavs. Equally splendid is the Czech Republic’s riverside landscape on the Elbe and at Vltava. You’ll be particularly impressed when you visit the “golden city” of Prague.

Departure Dates - MS Katharina Von Bora

2020 - Potsdam    to Prague
2020 - Prague to Potsdam
11, 25 April
04 April

The Splendours of the Elbe

Potsdam - Dresden - Prague (8 days). Also in reverse

This enchanting river cruise takes you through the picturesque Elbe valley to find out more about the heyday of Bohemia and Saxony. Prague – the “city of a hundred towers” – is one of the most beautiful metropolises in Europe and its historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the influence of Augustus the Strong in the royal seat of Dresden, before the bizarre rock formations of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains await. Meissen is renowned for its fine porcelain, before Potsdam gives this trip a final touch of royal splendour.

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