Ohio & Tennessee River Cruises

American Queen & American Countess

The AQV Experience™ About Us

American Queen Voyages vessels are testimonies to the floating palaces of long ago and a culmination of their finest qualities. Grand in every sense of the word, discover a blend of every bold paddlewheeler innovation, along with pristine, authentic design, as you experience the historic and cultural significance of so many iconic destinations from the indescribable perspective of the river. Read more....

Discover America's Heartland

In America’s heartland, nature unfolds the beauty of each season as we peacefully drift past rolling meadows, charming farms, rustic railroad bridges and towering bluffs along the Ohio and Tennessee rivers. Friendly locals on shore greet our elegant craft like cherished friends as we cruise by. Coursing nearly 1,000 miles, the Ohio River forged through the surrounding valley and opened the West to early explorers and pioneers. Feel the same sense of wonder and possibility that fuelled their courageous journeys. Explore all our U.S.A. river cruises and experience America like never before.

Clarksville (Nashville) to Memphis (9 days)

Departure Dates - American Queen

03*, 10 July
13 November
25* June
04 July

*sailing in reverse Memphis to Clarksville (Nashville)

Departure Dates - American Countess

18* April
16 May

*sailing in reverse Memphis to Clarksville (Nashville)

Cincinnati to Memphis (9 days)

Departure Dates - American Countess

08 May


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