From the home of Port Wine along the 'River of Gold'

The scent of dried spices and grasses is in the air. You look out onto an intoxicating countryside of towering slopes and wine terraces of different shapes and sizes on which bulging vines stretch out towards the sun. The river makes its way gracefully through what is probably the most spectacular wine-growing region in the world – the home of port. With this exhilarating view, these famous wines taste twice as good.

Coming from Spain, the Douro flows from east to west across Portugal, then out into the Atlantic at Porto. In the old days, mariners transported the barrels to the wineries by boat. Picturesque vineyards adorn the river banks. Along the river, medieval towns captivate with their beauty. This region attracted Romans, pilgrims and aristocrats, all of whom created idyllic gems here. And then there’s Porto: the origin of the illustrious Portuguese fleet, with its mix of traditional and modern architecture, it tantalises all the senses making it a truly worthy finish to your cruise.

Departure Dates

2021 - MS Douro Cruiser2021 - MS Douro Serenity
12 August
16, 23, 30 September
07, 14, 28
03 June
20 July
17, 31 August
02, 09, 16 November

Departure Dates

2022 - MS Douro Cruiser2022 - MS Douro Serenity
07, 14, 21 April
05 May
02, 16, 30 June
07, 21, 28 July
04, 25 August
01, 15, 29 September
06, 13, 27 October
10 November 
29 March
10, 24 May
21 June
12 July
09, 16 August
08, 15 November 

The Iberian Experience

Porto - Douro Valley - Porto (8 days)

The Douro Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, characterised by steep slopes and stunning wine terraces. On this cruise you will explore the beauty of Porto’s architecture and be transported back to the Middle Ages in the charming cities of the Portuguese hinterland. The Spanish city of Salamanca is a “living museum” where you can practically touch history in the form of centuries-old buildings. You will also be able to take a guided tour through the tranquil city of Pinhão, for dinner at a traditional vineyard, before visiting charming city of Guimarães.


£100 per person off selected Douro cruises (8 days) in 2021. Book by 30 September 2021.

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