Majestic river, royal cities, unique countryside

Duna, Dunaj, Dunav, Dunarea – over 2,888 km, the river we know as the “beautiful blue Danube” meanders and crosses through ten countries from its source in the Black Forest to the natural wonder of the Danube Delta. The coronation cities of former rulers with their magnificent buildings line up on its banks like pearls on a beautiful chain.

But it’s not just about the metropolises; the diverse countryside has always inspired artists from all over Europe to create stunning works. Through the lovely Wachau valley, the wild and romantic Carpathian Mountains and all the way to the gentle natural paradise of the Danube Delta, the “Queen of Europe’s rivers” makes her way to the Black Sea.

Here, the river provides a habitat for a unique variety of flora and fauna. First narrow and dainty, then broad and foaming, it unites countries, people and cultures as a border river, giving Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava and Belgrade an incomparable cityscape and providing travellers with a cruise that is full of cultural and scenic highlights. The Danube is quite justifiably the most popular destination among river cruise fans.

Departure Dates

2022 - nickoVISION
2022 - MS Viktoria

11 April
09 May
06, 13 June
04, 11, 25 July
01, 08, 22 August
26 September
03, 24, 31 October
04, 25 April
02  May
20 June
05, 12 September
10 October

The Blue Danube

Passau - Budapest - Passau (8 days)

Bustling cities, beautiful countryside and a completely new river experience. On this cruise you’ll visit the most unmissable destinations along the Danube and enjoy all the modern comforts and refined elegance of our modern nickoVISION ship, including three restaurants on board to guarantee a rich variety of cuisine. Between the UNESCO World Heritage city of Wachau and the Hungarian capital Budapest, a journey full of cultural highlights and stunning landscapes awaits.

Departure Dates

2022 - MS Belvedere
28 March
02, 30 May
27 June
29 Aug
19 September
17 October

Cities of the Danube & Southern Hungary

Passau - Southern Hungary - Budapest - Passau (8 days)

The Danube is a river of superlatives as you will discover in comfort aboard our modern MS BELVEDERE. Step ashore in the cosmopolitan city of Vienna, its “twin city“ Bratislava and the double-faced Budapest, known as the “Queen of the Danube”. While many other one week Danube trips would then return to Budapest, this cruise will instead take you onwards through the untouched Pustza Valley countryside of southern Hungary, to Mohács. From here you may then visit the city of Pécs, the 2010 European Capitalof Culture.

Departure Dates

2022 - MS nickoVISION
28 March
23 May
20 June
12 September
10 October

Down the Danube to the Black Sea

Passau - Black Sea - Passau (15 days)

Countryside by the river: the picturesque Wachau, the dramatic valley breakthrough of the Danube Cataracts, in between former imperial and royal cities full of memories of former times, such as Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava, as well as the glamorous metropolises of Belgrade and Bucharest. Smaller charming towns, such as Pécs, Novi Sad or Ruse, invite you to visit them. And an excursion we have included to the coastal city of Constantza gives you an impression of the sights and sounds of the Black Sea. With our innovative on-board concept, arrange your very own personal dream river cruise – numerous excursion options and three restaurants on board guarantee variety throughout the entire cruise.

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