A New Ship in a New Alaska

This is Alaska as you never imagined. Wild. Remote. Accessible only to those who care enough to find it.

And you can – aboard the all-new Ocean Victory, a ship so perfectly suited to its environment that it seems to have been created precisely for this time and place. As a matter of fact, it was.

From its ingenious X-BOW hull to its exploration-friendly loading stations, Ocean Victory leaves only a whisper in her wake. Slicing smoothly through waves as though they weren’t there, the ship will cradle you in stable comfort. The unique patented design embraces these pristine waters instead of plowing through them, so you’ll sail with a level of clean-burning fuel efficiency that is unmatched. Brilliantly designed stabilizers make dropping anchor unnecessary, leaving the delicate seabed undisturbed.

Match this with expert researchers traveling with you, sharing their insights at every point, and you have Alaska from an entirely new perspective. Your Alaska.

Departure Dates

2022                        2023
May 06, 27            May 04, 25
Jun 17                     Jun 15
Jul 08, 29               Jul 06, 27
Aug 19                     Aug 17
Sept 09                   Sep 07

Alaska Insider

Vancouver to Sitka (northbound) - 14 Days

Explore the stunning Waterfall Coast. Take guided Zodiac expeditions and participate in graduate level experiments. Listen to the language of gray whales, and be an honored guest in a Tlingit Tribal House.

Departure Dates

2022                 2023
May 15             May 14
Jun 05, 26     Jun 04, 09, 25, 31
Jul 17               Jul 16, 21
Aug 07             Aug 06, 11, 27
Sep 18             Sept 01, 17, 24

Alaska Insider Plus

Sitka to Vancouver (southbound) - 15 Days

In the company of Cal Poly’s marine biologists, you’ll experience the inner Inside Passage with new eyes. Spend two full days exploring both the Tracy Arm and Endicott glaciers on this extended passage.

Departure Dates

2022                          2023
Coming Soon      3 October

Hidden Coast

Vancouver to Seattle - 14 Days

Explore two world-class cities and the intricate coves and coastline that connect them. Discover scenic and natural wonders that are rarely explored — with exciting urban design on each end of your journey.

For more information call: 01223 568904 or email: sales@lightbluetravel.co.uk


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